Become an innovator of the new hairdressers for children world.

Keep Calm, we’d like to present Parrucchieri Kids Zone.

Kids Zone system hairdressers for children is the first real initiative offering professional products, accessories, furniture and marketing tools for expert hairdressers, who want to offer to their customers, exclusive services for children and to satisfy the needs of the entire family.

You’ll certainly know the importance of targeting customers and proposing to your clients professional products in line with the market’s demand. However, if you visit different hairdressers, you will realise that there are not many differences between one hairdresser to another. The only differentiation is gender, the characterising points are promotional campaigns, that are not functional and completely useless.

With the kids Zone system hairdressers for children, your clients will be well defined, thanks to a recognizable brand, that will bring immediate advantages to the hairdresser producing an increase of client numbers.

With our international partnership project, you will have the opportunity to become a retailer of the Kids Zone System hairdressers for children.

In Italy, this system is becoming a “must” and soon the model will be exported all over the world. Like never, Italy will be the first to introduce this innovative success!

You might be the first to offer to your clients the Kids Zone system hairdressers for children, a constantly growing business model that offers to retailers and multibrand dealers new opportunities.

First point of reference in the city

Recommend to your customers the Kids Zone system, the only one that enables the hairdresser to become the first point of reference in his city.

With the Kids Zone system, the hairdresser will be able to:


Become an expert in the family target clients


Create a calm and joyful mood in the salon, so that both the child and the adults (his parents, grandparents, babysitter) will keep in mind a positive experience that encourages them to come again to the salon


Offer professional products for children that are safe and of high quality, such products are highly appreciated by parents


Stand out from all
other salons with an
innovative system


The professional products for the hair styling and care are the core of the kids Zone system hairdressers for children.

They are all thought out for children with ingredients carefully chosen. Furthermore, the brand, well known by the parents immediately, will show the attention that the expert dedictes to his clientele.

Kids Zone professional products include:

  • Colored spray for kids (in 8 different colors black, fuchsia, blue, green, pink, red, gold and silver glittered)
  • Cool stencils to decorate the kids and mother’s head
  • Extra Delicate Shampoo
  • Purifying Delicate Shampoo
  • Modeling wax
  • Detangling spray
  • Soft Fixing Gel
  • Nourishing hair wax
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Extra Delicate Shampoo

Purifying Delicate Shampoo

Modeling wax

Detangling spray

Soft Fixing Gel

Nourishing hair wax


Kids Zone013 furniture is characterised by an Italian style, designed to satisfy all the hairdresser’s needs and requests. The working stations are easily accessed, ergonomic and suitable to compliment all salon styles. Your clients may set up a corner, a mini corner or a kids zone working station inside their salon, consuming only few square meters. Nowadays, the chairs are like little horses or small cars but they are old fashioned. Indeed, children are more and more surrounded by technology and they demand interactivity and modern games, even when they go to the hairdresser. It is for this reason that the Kids Zone furniture is studied to arouse the children’s curiosity and to entertain them before and after the haircut.

In this way, your clients’ salon will always be lively, but at the same time calm, because the child won’t bother other customers. This has already been tested.

Particular attention has been placed to satisfy the needs of the professional hairdresser and his salon, regarding the design of the working stations; they have shelves well arranged, where the hairdresser can locate its working tools, its accessories, its products and everything he needs.

Guaranteeing fun, comfort and a time efficient and accurate haircut, the Kids Zone system makes everyone happy; the key success that encourages children and adults to come again to the salon.

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All that you’ve read above would be insignificant without the help of efficient communication. For this reason, the means for the products’ sale that the Kids Zone system offers to the hairdresser (and the retailers) are different according to the culture of the nation to which they are addressed.

However, the key words revolve around concepts of family, security and parents’ tranquillity.

In Italy, the hairdressers, who have chosen to join the Kids Zone system hairdressers for children, have already received a considerable quantity of advertising material such as:

  • Free registration App
  • Know-how
  • Leaflets and posters
  • Stickers
  • Promotional costum-made banners
  • Personalised ticket machine
  • Advertising totems
  • Family cards
  • Dispalys with hair care products
  • Cute and colorful envelopes personalised with the kids Zone’s brand
  • Innovative accessories
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